“Inevitable” and drawing by me. ©2017 Angel Vang

I wrote this poem and it is called, “Inevitable”. It revolves around the theme of…well…inevitability that not only exists in love (as it points out in the poem) but in other things as well.

I initially wrote the first stanza by itself a year ago before I decided to extend it out of desperation for my poetry class (haha), so I consider this poem as a respond to the first stanza.

Original first stanza:
You see,
We became invincible when I told you,
I’ll love you forever
As if forever and death can exist together.

Pretty isn’t it? Fantasy-like. Hopeful. Love surpasses! Totally opposite from “Inevitable”, which is a tad morbid. There’s a big difference between “we became” and “we thought”.

Illustration wise, truthfully, I just thought it was easier to draw mountains than dandelions, but then I realized that the mountains were a perfect illustration to accompany this poem because mountains are living paradoxes like life itself. They’re big, bold, strong, and mighty and yet, they are created to crumble. How funny, right? Life.

Geez. I’m starting to realize I suck at analyzing and talking about my own poems, but hey! There is only so much that I can talk about because a poem holds too much for a poet to actually explain it. And most of it only makes sense in my head.


Thanks for reading!

*Poem subject to change*


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