5.06.17 – to you

(A journal entry from last night) You just wished people were kind. Kind like dust on an empty shelf. Instead, they left you in pretty crimson and numb like a broken clock, but they won’t need you because they have the sun. And they hope you left a note because words from a dead person … Continue reading 5.06.17 – to you


Growing up has turned me bitter

When I was younger, I used to watch these dramas - those cliché ones where there's always a sadistic male protagonist who magically becomes soft once he meets the female protagonist, and his whole attitude just changes. The girl was always this pretty, bubbly, and super kind female protagonist with a complex background story that has … Continue reading Growing up has turned me bitter

No one gets it

No one gets it. And no one will. No one will be able to help me out of this hell but me. I think of the friends who I talked with to release my thoughts, but there's nothing they can do. So silly. So silly I thought I was getting better and that they could … Continue reading No one gets it


Final exams week – Bearly holding on

During my homework day in the library today, I crafted this little guy from whatever I had with me. What you need if interested (I'm pretty sure there are other creative ways to do this): one Trolli Big Bold Bear small pieces of paper for eyes, ear, mouth, hat tissue paper strip for the scarf small … Continue reading Final exams week – Bearly holding on


A writer is always hidden

"A Poet is the most unpoetical of any thing in existence; because he has no Identity - he is continually in for - and filling some other Body." -John Keats, Letter to Richard Woodhouse I have always wanted to be a writer, to write my own books one day, but lately, I've been thinking, how on earth … Continue reading A writer is always hidden


Artist shares his faith experiences through art

Matt Philleo believes that God has called him to create art. But when all of the commissions dry up, his faith is tested. “Maybe I should just scrap this whole idea of being an artist and just get a real job like everybody else, and just forget it,” he thinks. One night Philleo and his … Continue reading Artist shares his faith experiences through art


Life doesn’t have to be meaningful

As a person with (time) anxiety, I always struggle with trying to make my time and life meaningful. I am bombarded with what if's. What if I never get the chance to do this ever again? What if I don’t have time tomorrow to do that or this? What if tomorrow I want to do this … Continue reading Life doesn’t have to be meaningful